Direct Support Professional - A Career of Choice.

February 12, 2014 – Strathroy

When the Developmental Services Human Resource Strategy wanted to promote a career in the Developmental Services Sector by telling the stories of Direct Support Professionals, Middlesex Community Living had just the stories to tell.
Middlesex Community Living was chosen to assist in the creation a commercial that promotes a career in the Developmental Services Sector, a career of choice. Middlesex Community Living provided two very endearing and powerful stories about the very important work provided by Direct Support Professionals.

Filming for the videos started in late January. A full day of shooting took place in order to gather enough video for two 30 second commercials. Filming started at 7am and ended around 9pm. It was a long but successful day.John’s Story highlights the voice that John has recently gained through the use of an augmentative communication device and the roles that Sherry and Julie had in ensuring John’s success in finding his voice.Shannon’s Story speaks to the hard work and commitment that Brittany and Robin had to helping Shannon become a valued citizen in her community by becoming the neighbourhood dog walker. Both stories exemplify the support and dedication that Direct Support Professionals provide every day.

The campaign, ‘Make a Difference Every Day’ was designed to highlight the types of responsibilities that Direct Support Professionals perform every day that make a difference in the lives of people with developmental disabilities. John’s Story and Shannon’s Story are two wonderful examples of how Direct Support Professionals make a difference every day. Middlesex Community Living is proud to be associated with the Developmental Services Human Resource Strategy and the Developmental Services Sector.

To watch John’s Story click here

To watch Shannon’s Story click here

For more information on how to become a Direct Support Professional click here.


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